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F*ck Love & Light! Your Darkness Is What’s Sexy


About Me

Alana is in a committed relationship with Truth and gets off on helping to raise the worlds consciousness. She intends to fuck her way to enlightenment and to ignite a global uprising of sexually liberated and soul integrated Women. She is a Fire Starter, Writer, Witch & Spoken Word Artist. She is currently writing her first book, She Has Come.
Your dark side is the new love & light.. 

“Love and Light” is a term commonly used by New Agers that is flung around like some kind of cover all, sweeping whatever has come before it in its passive aggressive fluorescent light.

“I am only love and light. All I am is love and light.”


There is nothing that could be further from the truth.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious” – Carl Jung

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Your shadow is your biggest teacher, yet you enjoy kicking it in the guts as it lies on the floor, yelling furiously through tears of desperation, “Love and light! Love and light! Fucking love and light!!” Screaming, and scrunching your eyes shut trying to demolish your demonic self.

While determined to only see yourself in the golden hues of the divine, you are sorely missing the point.


You are all the colors and all the shades.

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You have a side so dark that refuses to be subdued by your stubborn mantras of positivity and one-sided belief in clear quartz, yoga, purity, and being “nice”.

The depths of your obsidian self can offer you treasures that only the abyss can bear, carries with it the brightest flames of hell that can set you alight in the true blazing glory of your unified, integrated self.”


Ditch the love and light facade, you’re not fooling any of us. We all know your insides are filled with shit. We know that because we are too.

Get real. Give me your depth. Become a balanced person who is on their way towards truth and consciousness as a wholly integrated individual.

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Honour your shadow or that wild bitch will fuck you so hard that no amount of cold pressed organic coconut oil will make it better.”


Love, Light, and Immeasurable Darkness, ✨

By Alana Louise May | Edited by Serena Gee

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Want To Become Sexually Healthy & Happy?

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